Our Christmas Scrapbook

On the scale from one to crafty, I'm like a three or a four. 

So I don't keep very many scrapbooks.

Only one, actually, I keep just one scrapbook.

And it isn't anything to write Pinterest about.

I just print a few of our favorite pictures from every Christmas season and try, emphasis on the word try, and put them together into something cute enough to look at.

Sometimes I make the decorations, sometimes I buy them, most of the time let my daughters make them. I just use the most basic, simple decorations because I don't have the patience to fuss over layers and layers of papers and stickers and what-not-all.  It takes every bit of self-control in me to sit and cut and paste and fuss over the arrangement as much as I do each year (five-ten minutes).

Then I tuck the scrapbook away with all the Christmas decorations until the next year.

And when go to decorate for Christmas the next year, we rediscover the scrapbook and look at it together.

For the whole month of December (and sometimes January, if I am slow to get the decorations put away), the scrapbook stays under our tree with a few other Christmas books and the girls look at it a few times a week.

As of now, we have pictures from Christmases 2005 through 2013.


That's nine years already!



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