Purification Essenial Oil to Clean Wounds

I used some of my Purification Essential Oil to clean a wound.  

Disclaimer: I hope this post doesn't make anyone sick to their stomach.  Sorry if it does. 

I cut myself on that knife you can see in the background of the picture above. I was loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher, hurrying to get it done, too, standing at just the right (or wrong) angle to where I couldn't see the knife sticking up out of that measuring cup.  When I went to pick up the measuring cup and load it into the dishwasher... Ouch!  I cut into my palm before I even knew it, quite deeply, in fact.  Instead of using hydrogen peroxide, I decided to put a drop of Purification on the wound and let it air dry to see how it would work.  It didn't sting at all. And unless it was my imagination, the wound healed faster than it normally does.  I've cut myself with kitchen knives before, so I expected it take days to heal like before.  But, by evening on the same day it happened, the wound was closing up nicely and I could use my hand without nursing it that much.  I will certainly use Purification this way again, especially when the kids get scraps on their knees and whatnot, since it doesn't seem to sting like hydrogen peroxide does.  


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