Use Essential Oil to Sanitize the Air

I use Purification Essential Oil to clear the air.  

Sometimes I will add a few drops of Purification Essential Oil to my diffuser and put it in the same room as my baby's changing table.   

Or in the bathroom.

Or next to my four year old's bed after she has an accident the night before.

It can turn things around in less than five minutes, if you know what I'm saying. 

And it isn't like spraying a can chemical air fresher into a stinky room.  That just makes the room smell like poop plus whatever is on the label of the can. 

Essential oil actually diffuses the stink bombs.  

You'd have no idea that kind of thing even happens in our house now that we're diffusing Essential oils everyday.

Breathe as deep as you want.

Go ahead.

You won't smell a trace of anything unpleasant. 

It's glorious!  



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