Daily Bible Reading

This morning, as I lay dreaming, I heard someone speak my name, "Veronica!" right behind me.  I was startled just like I would be in the waking world, so I turned in a quick circle looking for the person who was speaking to me. The dream began spinning around me and it faded away as I heard my name again.

"Veronica!" This time I felt the voice whispering slow and deliberately into my right ear as I lay flat on my bed.  I opened my eyes as the voice and breath faded away.

At first, I was terrified by this, so I prayed. But, as I lay there, I remembered the story of the boy Samuel in the temple. When I thought of that, I got up very quickly.  If God was calling to me like that, I was not going to disappoint Him or miss an opportunity.

As I put on my house shoes to shuffle out to my favorite spot to pray and read the Bible, I looked out the window and it occurred to me that the timing was incredible. It was a few minutes before sunrise on the first day of a new year.

And, that morning, I was set to finish The One Year Bible, my goal for 2014, and I was planning to begin reading The One Year Chronological Bible, a new goal for 2015. It gives me a whole new perspective to this often mundane time of reading.

The Lord calls me by name.

I'm coming, Lord!

Lord, here I am.


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