Weekend Update

That's a kettle fried doughnut.  My husband brought a box of them home from The Bakery of Southbury. (He's the devil.)

Of course, these aren't a part of a healthy diet, technically speaking, but I felt I had to at least have one. So I had two.

We gave some to our kids for breakfast this morning and then I put on a coat and drove the rest over to the Semeraros, an older couple who we love, who live down the street from us and go to our church.

Now all the devilish doughnuts are gone, no longer on the kitchen counter to tempt me and that's a good thing. This weekend, I also had pizza, Chick-fil-a, and pie.  The lesson I learned from the past two days of eating is this - if you don't plan, plan to fail.  Without groceries in the house and every meal planned around them, it's too easy to resort to fast, unhealthy alternatives.  But I've got this week planned and the fridge stocked, so it should be easy to succeed in eating well.

I've been reading The Chronological Bible, God in the Dock and George MacDonald by C.S. Lewis.

In God in the Dock, I discovered this essay called Man or Rabbit? by C.S. Lewis that Lewis wrote in response to the question, "Can a person live a good life without being a Christian?" Here's a video of the essay if you are interested. It's a stunning work of rhetoric that makes my heart soar.

And speaking of stunning rhetoric, this week I also read the article Freedom of Speech Cannot Be Killed by Joe Randazzo, a former editor of The Onion, written in response to the recent Islamic attack on a magazine office in France.  The article brought me to tears, it's so well written.

George MacDonald is complication of MacDonald's quotes that C.S. Lewis put together.  Lewis credits MacDonald for influencing his writing more than anyone.  It's a fun read and having read most of Lewis' books, it is quite easy to see how Macdonald influenced his writings. I have highlighted a hundred quotes already. Here are just three of them.

"We are not bound to say all we think but we are bound not even to look what we do not think."

"The man is a true man who chooses duty: he is a perfect man who at length never thinks of duty, who forgets the name of it."

"In whatever man does without God- He must fail miserably or succeed miserably."


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