Here's the conclusion to this year's Lego Saga finally.  I couldn't finish until now because some of the pieces were missing. Kids... It's like they think the Legos are for them or something.  

Sherry got all her friends and some friends of her friends together for a big Christmas musical.

The show sold out.  Inexplicably, the most popular number of the entire show was when Zoe sat in the spotlight and sang "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" with a red Solo cup. Even the critics couldn't understand why they had tears in their eyes.


Chloe moved into a house so Buster would have a yard to run around (and hopefully pee in). But alas, the evil squirrels in the trees tormented him, so he never went outside.  

A few more of the girls were accepted into Hogwarts.

The others...

remained Muggles forever.

The End.


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