Goals for 2015

As I think about the year ahead, I just want to continue doing many of the things I am already doing, but I also want to get back to doing some things I did before that I know will be really good for me.

Continue teaching at least three fitness classes each week

Begin tutoring at Classical Conversations

Track spending in Mint.com

Read The One Year Chronological Bible

Use My Fitness Pal everyday to track calories and macronutrients

Focus on nutrition, take vitamins, etc.

Improve flexibility by doing at least one yoga/ Pilates type workout a week

Lose body fat

Memorize Classical Conversations grammar

Use resources such as Understanding Mathematics, Classical Music for Dummies, Our Mother Tongue, etc. to grow in my basic knowledge of various subjects

Reading as much as possible without feeling like I am not being productive enough when I am "just reading."

Start with God in the Dock and George MacDonald by C.S. Lewis, then read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, then read Saving Leonardo by Nancy Pearcy, then read...

Go on more dates with my husband

Send encouraging cards, letters, emails, gifts, etc. as often as I think about it. I have missed a lot of opportunities to bless others because I think, "It's just a card.  How much difference can it make?"

Plan and allow myself to be flexible so I can spend more time with friends, including allowing myself to spend some time on the phone during the day


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