Healthier Meal Ideas

Grass fed beef burger on sprouted toast

 Chicken salad on homemade flax buns

Ground turkey with red peppers and squash

Grass fed beef taco salad with "chips" made from sprouted tortillas

Applewood turkey and veggie wraps

Grass fed gyros
 Protein pancakes

Spicy stir fry over brown rice

Grass fed steak and veggies

Eggs and veggies

Egg whites and veggies

Fish and "lazy guacamole" (avocado, onion, garlic, etc.)

More veggies and eggs and sprouted toast

More veggies and eggs

And more

Spicy lentils and eggs

Grass fed meatloaf

Chicken stir fry over cabbage

Chopped fresh veggie wraps with hummus

Salad with hummus instead of dressing

Chicken curry made with coconut and served over quinoa

Chicken chilli

Another veggie and egg dish

Spinach, eggs and one slice of provolone

Tomato, eggs and pesto over toast

Yep. More eggs and vegetables.

Grass fed beef and vegetable stir fry.


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