If Love Is Like Light - A Poem For My Husband

If love is like light,
And I think it is,
Then you are my sun,
Providing warmth and energy.

If love is like water,
And I think it is,
Then you are the rain:
Consistent, gentle, sometimes fierce, 
Ever satisfying.

If love is like earth,
And I think it is,
You are soil 
Nourishing my growth.

So fortunately situated, I am, 
Roots deep in the heart of a virtuous man.

The strength in my frame,
The life in my limbs,
The fruit that I bear and have to give,
All testify to your great love for me.

Dear you are to me. 
And dear you are to God, too, 
I believe. 
For He tells husbands to love wives
As their own flesh.
And so you do.

Therefore, God and I both, 
Adore and honor you.   

-Veronica Boulden


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