The Pattern of God's Truth by Frank E. Gaebelein

I finished this book in only a few hours.

It is full of truth and inspiration on many interesting topics.

And there are at least two portions I plan to share with friends, because I thought of them as I read and I know they will be encouraged or enlightened by the words.

I will include just a few of my favorite quotes below:

"Christianity is a revealed religion, not a human invention."

"The Bible knows no such thing as truth that is merely theoretical; in the Bible the truth is linked to the deed."

"As we under God educate the children, we must be allowing Him to re-educate us."

A good teacher is a "hinge upon which discussion may turn."

Note: This quote is relevant and inspirational to me as I am going to be a Challenge A tutor next year, learning to lead Socratic discussions, etc.

About Jesus, the author says, "The reason those three brief years spent in teaching men, ministering to their needs, and finally dying for them outweigh in influence all the writings of all the philosophers is that in Him men saw once and for all the truth."

"Christian conscience does not always lead to identical decisions."

"Work well done, even as a hobby or recreation, effort expended unselfishly that contributes to a life of effective service of God and fellow man- these belong to God's truth as much as the most carefully planned course in philosophy or Bible."

"What God could do through an Augustine trained in the pagan schools of fourth-century Rome, he can do again in our age."

He also quotes other authors extensively, so now I have two more books, at least, that I want to find and read: Pascal's The Mind of a Geometrician and Poetry as a Means of Grace by Professor Charles Grosvenor Osgood.

But there are other books and authors I am curious about now, too.

As I say, one book always leads to another.

But in this case, one book is leading to more than that!  



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