Chapter Books Galore

Adele is reading chapter books now.  She's devouring our collection of Magic Treehouse books and constantly combing our shelves for other books at her level she might be able to read.  I will often help her find something that fits. Her big sisters make lots of book suggestions, too. Yesterday, she came home with a Horse Diaries book her classmate let her borrow and her nose was in that right away, which was adorable to see.  It seems like yesterday that her oldest sister, Norah, was reading these books and I was collecting them one or two or three at a time from the thrift store and hardly ever fast enough to meet demand. I am thankful that I have been able to teach each of my children to read.  It has been a delight to witness each of them progress from basic phonics to simple readers to chapter books and beyond in due time.    


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