Grey Hair and Some Gold

My niece, who was a flower girl in my wedding approx. twenty years ago, now has a toddler and a baby of her own!  And she's an excellent mother, already nurturing and teaching her girls diligently and age-appropriately. Watching her actually encourages me in my motherhood, though I am at a different place in my journey. The other day, she and I were texting and the subject of handwriting came up, and I knew just where to go in The Well Trained Mind for the advice I wanted to give her.  I felt like an old pro for once.  It seems like only yesterday that my sixteen year old was an infant in a carseat and I was reading this book for the first time, trying to figure out how I'd homeschool.  I knew even back then that I was called to it.  And God has faithfully shown me a thing or two since then. I have learned a lot through trial and error and the hard way, so it was really nice to have something good to confidently share with a younger mother that I really love and want to bless and serve.  It makes me rejoice at the years that have just flown by. I have many grey hairs now and some gold to share.    


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