Homemade Pizza

We made homemade pizza the other night.  It was Dwayne's idea and it was a huge hit, so we'll probably do this again soon and maybe even often.  

We just got prepared dough from the local grocer, cans of pizza sauce, bags of mozzarella and Parmesan, deli pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, etc., things we knew we didn't have that were specific to the task. 

Everyone made what they like best and some got creative. We used bell pepper and onions we already had and I had some beef and sausage already cooked and prepped for lasagna another night, so we used all of that for a combination pizza. 

One great tip is to use panko crumbs to help the pizza slide on and off of the prepping boards and pizza stones.  A combination of flour and panko really keeps the fresh dough from sticking.   


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