Apple Pie in a Jar Jam

With more of the apples we picked, I tried making "Mom's Apple Pie in A Jar" Jam. 

I got the recipe from one of my canning books. 

It is a combination of apples, dried cranberries, lemon, sugar, and pectin, of course. 

It tastes like apply butter, which happens to be one of my favorite flavors. 

I canned seven half-pint jars to use this winter or give us gifts.  

I filled a pint to go straight in the fridge for us to open and eat right away. 

An interesting note:

I took my middle daughter through the process of putting the lid on the canner, taking the lid off safely, putting it back on, taking it back off again safely, etc. 

I also gave her the instructions for the water bath timing and showed her how to take the jars out correctly. 

So she was able to finish the processing for me!

Note: I like to give my kids real and meaningful things to do to build their experience and confidence. 

My daughter was rightly very proud of herself.

And I was very happy with the results.   

After only a few bites, this is now my favorite jam. 


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