The Lost Tools of Writing Helps in Other Subjects

My Challenge A student and I sorted her ANI, chose her thesis, and arranged her proofs into an outline with main proofs and sub proofs for the very first time on Wednesday. 

On Thursday, that same Challenge A student used her new skills to arrange her science research into an outline with three main sections. Then she quickly, easily put all the information she had gathered into one of the three sections, wherever it fit.

I knew from my previous experience with The Lost Tools that the skills students learn in that program can help in every other subject. 

Students learn to ask questions about a topic, think thoroughly and critically, consider authorities, etc. 

They learn to arrange their thoughts in a logical format that can bring their readers along.

I could go on and on about the ways the skills they learn in The Lost Tools transfer to other areas of learning and life.  

But I was still amazed to see the skills transfer so quickly!

I glanced down at her outline and saw how the arrangement skills my daughter learned in her Lost Tools lesson on Wednesday afternoon translated to her science research paper on Thursday morning!



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