Beekeeping Continued

My middle daughter helps me keep our bees. 

Out of the three daughters I have, I am not sure how she ended up bee-ing the one to help. (See what I did there?) 

At first, I guess she was the helper because she was old enough to do the necessary physical tasks involved safely, and the extra suit wasn't too big or too small for her, and she also showed the most interest in helping. 

Now that she's been the helper for a while, she has the most experience and out of respect for all her effort, I have given her some ownership over the task, so she is now my official helper. 

We attend the bee club meetings together and it's nice to do something together "just us." 

She really pays attention and proves to a big help me when it is time to remember what was said and how things are supposed to be done.  

We did a hive check the other day. 

We pulled out an empty frame of wax to make room for a feeder. 

We processed that wax, saving it with other beeswax in a large zip lock until we have enough to make candles again. 

We started feeding the bees a 2/1 sugar syrup to help them gain stores for the winter. 

As it is, the bees appear healthy and numerous and have a lot of capped honey. 

But I am still a new-bee and it is often nerve wracking to think that my hive might have problems I can't perceive because of my lack of experience. 

But I remind myself that you can't learn without trying, so I keep on beekeeping. 



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