For Nature Study, Simply Pick What's in Season

We usually pick whatever crop is in season and then try to make or bake something with it. 

Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples... 

It's one way of doing nature study on a regular basis. 

You don't really have to plan anything.  

You just look outside and follow the seasons.

Then you can take advantage of the abundance that nature provides at the time it is given.

Right now, it's time for apple picking, naturally, because the apples are ripe!

The orchard where we've been going to has an adorable store with an assortment of jams. 

We usually purchase several jars in addition to the fresh apples we pick.

Then the girls can enjoy jams with their breakfasts through the winter. 

The rule is that they have to finish one jar before opening the next. 

They work together to make it happen. 

It's all about teamwork. 

These jams along with all the jams I make myself means we usually have enough to open a new jar approx. every week until spring. 

Then it isn't long until the strawberries begin to ripen again and then we will start the whole process over again. 


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