Let Them Make Pie!

We picked apples. 

The girls wanted pies.

But I didn't feel like baking any pies just then. 

So I told them they could make their own pies. 

It was a risk, but they are getting older and proving themselves capable in other ways, so I figured they could basically pull it off.

They wholeheartedly agreed. 

Pies are good motivation. 

I put the oldest in charge of finding a recipe and making sure the whole event wasn't a disaster. 

The apples in the first pie were a bit uncooked. 

They forgot to put butter in the second pie's crumb topping. 

But other than that, all the dishes and pots made it to the sink and they made two delicious apple pies together on their own without me. 

Honestly, I find it teaches kids humility to let them do things (and even mess up things.) 

They gain perspective and experience that tempers them.

I also find that letting kids do things teaches them a healthy pride, since they were able to do something real that really matters to themselves and others in their family. 

We enjoyed their pies for days.

Let them make pie! 


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