Christmas 2021

It was an icy, rainy morning, but we stayed warm under blankets and in front of the fire until breakfast. 

Homemade cinnamon rolls and our final Advent readings before presents

Stockings first

Personalized wax seals

Then came the bigger gifts

The two oldest got Harry Potter swag- Our kids take the sorting test when they enter Challenge (so the youngest hasn't done it yet, but she's looking forward to it)

I made this cross stitch for Dwayne's office many, many years ago. It went in a store bought frame. That frame broke a few years later and it was an awkward size, so I could not find a replacement and having a custom frame made was out of our budget. So the cross stitch sat in a drawer for years. But this year, I snuck it out and splurged and surprised Dwayne with his old gift in a new frame. (He thought it had been misplaced, lost, etc. He cried.)

I got the girls full-sized aprons. They had out grown the child-sized aprons they've had for years. 

The youngest never stops drawing (and asking for paper to draw on.) So she got sketch pads. 

The middle loves cross stitching, so she asked for more fabric and frames. The frame she is holding belonged to my sister first. She gave it to me almost twenty years ago now. I don't cross stitch much now, so I know my sister will be thrilled that I am giving it to one of her nieces.  

The oldest asked for a keyboard that will allow her to more easily compose and record music on her computer. She also asked for a better mic to narrate the stories that go with her illustrations. 

Stoopwaffles were one gift

I purchased myself a Lego Gingerbread house to put together. We started to work on that in the afternoon. 

The youngest with her new plush sloth and blanket

Dwayne's company generously gifts us a ham and other delights each December, so we made the ham, homemade mac and cheese, Brussel sprouts, and pineapple casserole for dinner. 

We enjoyed our new gifts until it was time for bed. 

We're most thankful for the gift of God's Spirit with us today and everyday, made possible because Jesus Christ our Lord, Emmanuel. 



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