Day Two of Christmas Break

Day Two of Christmas Break:

Before 10am, I had already rearranged all the furniture in the living room. I also cleaned under the couch, dusted, mopped, wiped baseboards, etc. This new arrangement facilitates working on a puzzle at the table beside the fire or reading books in my recliner beside the fire while also keeping my husband's spot in nearly the same place while allowing all spots to face the fire and see the tree. We'll probably keep the living room this way through December if not the entire winter. I know I will like having a table so near the fire throughout the winter. 

We started a new puzzle, of course. It's a holiday tradition, something we don't usually have time to do, but something we indulge in over our breaks. This one is Noah's ark.

The new arrangement keeps my feet near the fire, so it's perfect. 

And this arrangement gives me a lovely view of the woods that surround. A mixed flock of birds come daily to adorn the empty branches and distract me with their breathtaking singing. They don't seem content to fly away until one or more of us have noticed them.

I alternated between household tasks, working on the puzzle, reading, gift-wrapping, etc. 


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