Homeric Moments

I finished Homeric Moments by Eva Brann. 

I read it because Eva Brann is brilliant and witty in interviews I have seen, and I am directing Challenge 4 this year and we are reading The Odyssey right now.  

I came away with a few interesting or humorous anecdotes, but nevertheless, it was not my favorite book. 

By way of explanation, this is the third book I've read of this sort- where someone brilliant writes down their thoughts about a book.

And I haven't enjoyed any book of this genre. 

But I'll probably keep reading books about books like this one, because I can't help myself. 

I'm a reader and it's far too tempting to hear what brilliant people have to say about things that I love like the epics. 

But the facts remain- I'd rather read the actual book than read a book about it or I'd rather listen to someone talk about a book any day. 


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