Thanksgiving 2021


    Friends from church invited our family to dine with them and other guests on Thanksgiving Day. We took a fresh green salad topped with cranberry, apples, goat cheese, almonds, and a homemade vinaigrette to share. We also took Chocolate Delight, a layered chocolate dessert I grew up eating at church events.  Others brought roasted turkey, stuffing, roasted broccoli, sweet corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread rolls, berry cobbler, pumpkin pie, chocolate truffle. 

    The conversation over the meal was as enjoyable as the food, and after we finished eating, we gathered in the living room and sang hymns and praise choruses as our host played the guitar.  We took turns sharing what we are thankful for, then we feasted again on several samplings of desserts with hot coffee. The event was as nourishing to our souls as it was to our bodies. 

    The day after Thanksgiving, we started decorating for Christmas as is our tradition. We like to be done decorating by December 1, so everything is ready when our Advent traditions begin. Instead of a regular meal that day, I made a number of appetizers and party foods including a homemade cheese ball, spinach dip, and buffalo chicken dip.  My youngest helped me with every step.  She is the most eager helper I have in the kitchen and a real blessing to me as we work together, especially as she gets older and more capable. 

It took a few days of our holiday to finish decorating (and to throughly clean up from all the decorating.) 

I also did a lot of reading, some Christmas shopping over break, and got started on wrapping some of the gifts. 

And over the holiday, we worked on a puzzle, as usual. 


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