Habits/ Goals for 2022

This is a humble list with some very, very basic daily goals. 

But in many ways, I find myself having to "start over" in 2022. 

The verse that keeps coming to mind as I think about making my goals for 2022 is: 

"Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness." 

1. Track my calories-

When I was healthiest, I was tracking my calories with MyFitnessPal daily.  This simple habit forces me to be aware of and accountable for everything that goes in my body. Naturally, when I am diligently tracking what I eat, I tend to make better choices, eat more healthy foods, and less unhealthy foods. From previous experience, I know this is the one habit that will make the most difference in my health in 2022. 

2. Take my vitamins- 

Even though my vitamins are right out in plain sight on the kitchen counter, I forget to take them at least a few days a week.  My plan is to take them after my first cup of coffee but before my second. Taking my vitamins daily will ensure I'm getting the nutrition I need to recover from recent illnesses, shed excess fat, gain muscle, etc.  

3. Do my exercises/ stretches- 

I have had plantar fasciitis for a few years. I have exercises and stretches to do everyday. They are simple exercises, but also easy to ignore, put off, and then forget entirely until my feet hurt again. This is another thing I forget to do a few days each week, but when I am faithful, my feet feel better. 

4. 100 Bodypumps- 

I've recovered from Lyme disease and I am able to exercise again. I don't have the strength and endurance I once had, but I think I can make it through 100 Bodypump workouts this year. I used to teach these classes before Covid, Lyme disease, plantar fasciitis, etc., so I own several hours of these workouts and I have equipment and space to exercise in my basement. Homeschooling my three daughters at the levels where they are right now, I don't have time to go to the gym, but I believe I can get downstairs for workouts a few times each week. 

5. 100 Walks- 

I'm not able to do the intense cardio I used to, but on days when I am not doing Bodypump, I think I can walk on my treadmill or outside. Unfortunately, I'll probably never have the courage to walk in the woods again like I used to. Since having Lyme disease from a tick bite after a hike in the woods, I can't imagine feeling the freedom to hike through the woods like I used to. I plan to listen to audio books or podcasts while I walk on the treadmill, so that should make it more enjoyable.   

6. 100 books- 

I'm an avid reader, but if I am not careful, I'll spend too much time on social media and that seriously cuts into my reading time. So having a goal to read 100 books will keep me accountable to read even more often. There are specific authors I really want to get to, keep meaning to get to, etc., so my plan is to be much more strategic and really plan. I think I'll start a list of specific authors and/ or books for 2022 on another post. 

7. Keep a prayer journal- 

I am in the habit of being led to pray about something or deciding to pray about something or saying that I'll pray about something, praying once or twice, and then forgetting about the issue or request for several days or even weeks! So I plan to make a written list and pray for those things and then record resolutions or progress. 

8. Care for my people- 

Even though my Facebook friends list is over 1,000, there are really only about 150 people who I have a relationship with in real life. And I am close to only a fraction of those. To ensure that I am not distracted by social media and I am actually focusing on the real people in my real life, I plan to prayerfully compile a list of those people the Lord has lead into my life, those in my sphere of influence at church or co-op or small groups, those Lord wants me to focus on and care for. I plan to make special efforts to pray for these people, reach out to them more often, send them cards or gifts, etc. 

9. Read my Bible first- 

I am usually reading a book as I fall asleep at night. When I wake up, I just want to start reading that book again where I left off. But when I do this, I have found that I read for so long that I skip my Bible reading entirely. I simply need to make it habit to read my Bible and pray before I allow myself to read anything else. 

10. Follow Fly Lady- 

I am very diligent about my daily cleaning routines and my house stays clutter free and clean. But I am not strategic about some of the more random chores like cleaning out toilets or washing sheets or dusting or donating, etc. So I'd like to try to stay in the zone with Fly Lady and get to those spaces and tasks in my house that often go neglected for too long because they are not on my daily routine. 

Like I said, my goals are very basic this year.  

But I know the Lord will be pleased with efforts to be faithful in the small things. 


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