God Provides

The girls have grown so much in the last few months that we had started to "run out" of enough clothes and shoes in their correct sizes and the right season. One was wearing jeans way too big which was better than wearing jeans that were way too tight.  Another was wearing tennis shoes with everything, because all the nicer shoes she had were too tight or else, far too large, etc. With three girls, we keep everything and pass clothes down, but stuff wears out and we may not have the right thing in the right size and season.  I said a quite prayer about it and told Dwayne, "We'll need to go shopping soon." It was only a few days later that a friend at church said she had clothes to give us. Her exchange student left many, many items when she moved. So the clothes came with her to church on Sunday and then they came home with us from there. We were able to keep the majority of what we were given; the items fit some one of the girls. And they are stylish, fashionable, fun pieces (like Eeyore overalls) we might not ever buy, since we tend to buy the most practical items. The girls are delighted and I wanted to record this testimony for posterity. We'll still have to buy a few pairs of shoes and tops, but the infusion of clothes came just in time! God provides! 


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