Science Fair Update

The results were recounted and Avril actually tied for first place at this year's Science Fair! 

Note: There was an error in calculations during the bustle on the night of the fair and it wasn't caught until later. Her tutor wanted to make it right and make sure the tie was officially recognized. 

Since the whole project was recorded here start to finish, I felt like Avril deserved for me to come here and correct the record for posterity. 

She got first place and tied with her closest friend, which is probably the part she enjoys the most. 

The other first place project was outstanding, so it is an honor to be ranked up there with that project and the young lady who did it. 

Too, her classmates chose her project as the class favorite, which is a special honor. 

Her tutor gave out other special recognitions for various reasons and Avril was given "Most Organized Project, Impressive Lab Journal, and Best Display." 

My daughter is still interested in her topic and has more she wants to do with it, but she isn't ready to continue yet. 

She has a few weeks of Challenge work to finish. 

Her plan is to start again where she left off in her research and lab journal and trials when she has more leisure time in summer. 

It's a good plan! 


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