Camping Again

We took the girls camping at Macedonia Brook State Park again.

We stayed in a different site this time, one surrounded by the brook on three sides with several footpaths leading to the water. It was magical. 

We played a lot of cards. The girls like the game Garbage right now, and they showed us how to play. 

With no running water and hot weather, we "bathed" in the brook in every sense of the word. 

I often sat in this spot with coffee or a book enjoying the sounds and sights of the brook.

The morning sun came through the clouds onto my face. It felt divine. Adele, sitting with me at the time, caught it on camera. 

We took the girls over to see Kent Falls. On the way, we passed a huge, outdoor book sale at their local library, so of course, we lost our minds and stopped and bought lots of books.

The falls were magical, too. We played in the pool at the bottom and climbed into the falls, hiked all the way up and back again, and then played in the water some more.  

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek seemed an appropriate book to bring to read next to the brook. 

We came home with a lot of bug bites, but also general itching, so we are suspecting we might have encountered more than mosquitos. But seriously, it was lovely and totally worth it. 



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