“Family groups of homo sapiens flock to the southern regions of America because the weather is warmer and their are abundant natural attractions. This family group is obviously not native to these waters. Notice how their pale skin is showing the bright red signs of overexposure and how awkwardly they move in the water. Nevertheless, see their antics and how they enjoy the water.” (We picked up a set of Planet Earth DVDs from that Kent Library book sale a few weekends back, and we have been watching Planet Earth with Mom and Dad every evening.) Dwayne and I went with Mom and Dad to Top Gun last night, then to Vincent’s for dinner, their favorite Italian place. The girls made dinner for themselves and babysat Levi, Mom and Dad’s Maltese that used to be our Maltese (long story, but the shortest version is Levi was ours for a few months. Mom and Dad came to visit. Mom fell in love with Levi. Levi fell in love with Mom. He’d sit outside the guest room door for her each morning, follow her everywhere. He went home with them when that visit ended and has had a much, much better life as Mom’s dog. If you know Mom, you know how true this is.) The girls enjoy him when we visit. After a beach walk early, we also walked at the Veteran’s Memorial Park, and got a review of American history as we went along reading the plaques. After lunch, we played on the beach again. We are getting in so much beach time; it is only a short walk from Mom and Dad’s. The waves were even bigger today, but still fun, and we are growing bolder and more confident. Now for some quiet hours before making dinner.


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