Draw Write Now Class

I'm teaching a Draw Write Now class for one of our co-ops next year. 

It'll be for the youngest students in the group, the third graders, and it's mostly just for fun. 

Kids that age will still be learning how to hold a pencil and form their letters in print, so those are skills I plan to review in each class. 

I'll probably teach them a rhyme about holding a pencil correctly, and we'll trace the letters A-Z in print, lowercase and upper case every class.  

There's a drawing exercise with each lesson followed by sentences to copy that go along with the pictures. 

So I also plan to read a children's picture book to go with the lesson. 

For example, on the day when we draw a barn and write sentences about barns, I'll read the book The Big Red Barn, etc. 

Finally, we'll color the pictures. 

I'll probably save everyone's work and give them a book of their work at the end of the semester. 

It's obviously not a difficult class to teach, but I'm looking forward to it. 

I think it'll be fun. 

For now, I'm having fun finding children's books to go with the lessons. 


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