When we visit Mom and Dad, we generally follow the same routine everyday. 

We get up and drink coffee and read our Bibles and/or books. 

We chat with Mom and Dad who are also up getting coffee and starting their day with reading their devotions and praying. 

We wake our kids/ teens and make them walk on the beach with us. 

We pick up shells and talk and watch the sunrise. 

We come back and shower and eat and clean and we may read some more. 

We chat with Mom and Dad some more, often while we have lunch. 

Then we pack coolers with drink and snacks and go to the beach again, this time to play physically and earnestly and to sit leisurely for hours and hours.   

Then, later in the afternoon, we come back to the house, shower off again, and spend a few quiet hours reading or chatting or playing cards before we make dinner. 

After dinner, we may read again or play a game or watch something before going to bed.

Usually always when we visit, there's stuff that we help Mom and Dad with, stuff like buying a new cell phone or computer or tablet, fixing a sprinkler in the lawn, getting up into the attic for something, etc. 

And it's really a joy to help them with these little things, since we're younger and stronger often more knowledgeable about stuff, especially stuff involving modern tech. 

Often enough, Dad actually waits to deal with something until Dwayne comes in order to have Dwayne's help. 

But oddly enough, at other times, the tech just happens to break while we are there or in this last case, right before we arrived. 

The tv broke a few days before we came, so Dwayne helped Dad find a new one and set it up (and dispose of the old one, etc.) 

We joked that the tv knew we were coming so it held out as long as it could. 


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