While Dad, Dwayne, and “the littles” went to the beach, Norah and I went to a few thrift stores. Norah found a few more items for her college wardrobe at great prices. She also got some nice knitting needles and yarn and tatting supplies at deep discounts. The thrift stores here are definitely nicer than the ones back home. The girls made “breakfast for dinner” with Mom and Dad and started a movie while Dwayne took me to The Ocean Grill for a nice dinner out alone. We had a table with a view of the ocean. While in downtown Vero, we found out Mom’s favorite ice cream was back, (the machine has been broken), so we went home, asked them to pause their movie, invited them to ice cream. (Neither Avril nor Adele thought much of the frozen orange juice I ordered. You can see their disgust in the pictures.) When we got home again, they finished the movie, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but Dwayne and I walked on the beach at sunset. As the stars were coming out and we were heading home, we saw two sea turtles! One was digging her nest! We watched her for sometime, giving her plenty of space. (The picture we took is from a distance.) The other turtle we saw was just coming in from sea, but she promptly turned right round and headed back into the waves when she saw us walking. They are amazing creatures and can move quite fast when they want to! We feel very blessed to have seen them. They are huge! 


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