Illuminated Letters

Each week in Foundations at Classical Conversations, there is a Fine Arts lesson of some kind.  

For the first six weeks, Foundations tutors teach a drawing lesson using Mona Brook's Drawing with Children

I have so, so, so enjoyed teaching drawing this year. 

So far, it has been my favorite part of teaching Foundations. 

It has reminded me just how much I love to draw. 

Each week, I joyfully, diligently plan the projects for my class ahead of time by doing one for myself at home. 

Tonight, I planned our final drawing project by making an illuminated letter as a test.

 I will have to seriously simplify this project for the students, but I love how it turned out. 

Maybe I'll do another illuminated letter with just one outside border, the simple inside border, and the letter. 

That would make the project much more doable in the given thirty-minute time frame. 

But I am very excited about letting students paint their letters with the metallic acrylic paint, and teaching drawing is reminding me how much I love to draw for myself. 


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