Restful Sundays

We've been keeping our Sundays restful, and it's been lovely. 

We will go to church in the morning, but that's usually it. 

Then we come home and eat a simple meal. 

Maybe we take naps or play a game or bake a dessert. 

We always do a lot of reading. 

Last Sunday, Adele helped me make a batch of sourdough rolls. 

Then, instead of dinner, we toasted blocks of cheddar on the fire and smeared it on the fresh-baked sourdough. 

And we sliced apples. 

Toasting cheese is something we've always wanted to do since reading Heidi. 

The cheddar got smoky-flavored and all warm and soft.  

Long, leisurely Sunday hours provide some margin to be creative in simple ways and just enjoy the live we have been given. 

Thank God, in His wisdom, He commanded us to give a day to rest. 

We've been taking that command more seriously lately, and it's only been to our benefit. 


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