The night before our weekly CC community day, I always make the girls practice any/ all of their presentations for the family after dinner. 

It's a way to rehearse for the next day, but more importantly, share what they are doing with their Dad who is finally home to see what's happening in our homeschool. 

Adele, in Foundations and Essentials, usually has a Foundations presentation to practice and an IEW paper to read.

Avril, in Challenge B, usually has a Science research project on a famous astronomer to share, at least that's true this first semester, and every few weeks, she also has a Lost Tools paper to read.   

Both girls have been presenting at home like this for years, but they still have to overcome some nerves every week to present whatever it is they are currently working on to the family. 

But overcoming those nerves and practicing at home just makes presenting to their director and their class of peers even easier. 


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