Independent Work

Adele, my youngest daughter, did some new independent work this week. She added her own dress-ups to the rough draft of her weekly essay for Essentials, and she did her own research for a presentation on the Joan of Arc for Foundations. 

I usually sit with her to add dress-ups to her Essentials paper, but I was busy the day it needed to be done, and I realized she was probably more than ready to add dress-ups on her own, so I let her try it alone. She did great! We've done it so many times together that she may be ready to continue doing this on her own every week from now on. 

I don't normally make her do research for Foundations presentations, but she needed an idea for a presentation, and she was interested in presenting on a history topic. So she used the keyword outlining she is learning/ has learned in Essentials to read the source texts and create a keyword outline of facts from our books about the Middle Ages. She ended up narrowing her topic to Joan on Arc, specifically. 


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