My husband just read me this hilarious review of the book Twilight.

What this guy says about the book is true, but that doesn't change the fact that I am under its spell and enjoying every page.

If Twilight were food, it would be nutritionally equivalent to a box of Peeps. But, who plows through a box of Peeps because they are good for you?!

This review reminds me of a health food critic who, after going to the county fair, complains that all the fresh fruits were skewered and covered with caramel.

My opinion, revisited:

For the first time, I am leaving a Beverly Lewis novel half read to read something else. I never do this. I love Beverly Lewis. When a new book comes out, my husband knows to pull my oldest daughter back and keep her and everyone else in my life at a safe distance from me until I am finished with it.

But, I just couldn't wait to start reading Twilight. My husband got it for two bucks at a huge book warehouse and almost giggled his whole way through the whole thing. I couldn't ask him to do something without his saying, "Just let me finish this chapter" and then he'd hunch over the book again with a big smirk on his face. It really is so good. I am nursing an infant and usually desperate for sleep, but I couldn't bring myself to put the book down until well into the early hours of this morning.

Bella's my new hero... or heroine, rather. She's so much more interesting than those boring Amish girls. But, please don't tell Beverly I said so.


gina said…
Ok now I want to read the book by Beverly what's her name. The thid book of Twilight was the only one I loved...
courtne450 said…
Oh, I really enjoyed the Twilight series as well. Have you seen the movie yet? If you haven't... don't! It was such a disappointment! The book was so much better!!!

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