Happy Anniversary, Dwayne.

Dwayne and I were married on April 14, 2001. Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.

Train our love
that it may grow
till our hearts will overflow
unrestrained and readily.

Discipline it, too,
dear God;
strength of steel
throughout the whole.
Teach us patience,
tenderness, and
self control.

Deepen it
throughout the years,
age and mellow it
until, time that finds us
old without,
will find us
lovers still.

-Ruth Bell Graham, Wife of the famous evangelist Billy Graham


Dwayne Boulden said…
I love you very much. 8 wonderful years of monotony, uh I mean monogamy. ;-)
Donnie Evans II said…
8 years... Wow!
Dan Foster said…
Happy Anniversary guys!

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