Norah's never met a pillow like this she didn't like. If she finds a U-shaped pillow, she feels compelled to wear it around her head. She did it at Grandma Karen's with a neck pillow (see photo below) and I can remember at least one other occasion, in addition to the one above, where she wore a pillow around during a play date at a friend's house.

She surprised me like this, jumped out of the baby's room with our Boppy on her head the other day and said, "Boo!" I lost it, laughing hysterically, until I thought to grab the camera. Seems a shame to try and explain to her what these pillows are actually designed for.

The shape around her face reminds me of two things.

One: what the OB-GYN, no doubt, sees as I deliver babies: the shape of a big rear with a head poking out.

The other: Queen Elizabeth's collar.


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