To pass the long winter days, sometimes we'll do a scavenger hunt. Print these tasks on slips of paper and have your kids draw them from a hat.

1. Find a big spoon and a small spoon.

2. Find a stuffed animal with blue on it.

3. Draw a picture of your house.

4. Find something made of wood, something made of plastic and something made of metal.

5. Find something that begins with the letter A.

6. Find a picture of someone smiling.

7. Find something covered in dots.

8. Find two things people wear or bring with them when it is raining.

9. Find a shirt with stripes.

10. Find a pair of shorts or pants without pockets.

11. Make a ball at least the size of a golf ball out of tin foil or tissue and tape.

12. Find a coin from the 1970s.

13. Draw a picture of your hero.

14. Find something that ends with T.

15. Find a picture of a dinosaur.

16. Find clothes in sizes small, medium and large.

17. Find something soft and something hard.

18. Find something with all numbers zero to nine on it.

19. Find (and then eat or drink) something with chocolate on it or in.

20. Find a sock that is long enough to reach your knee and wear it for the rest of the day.

21. Add as many of your own ideas as you like. They can be things like "Sweep the kitchen floor." or "Sing your favorite song." or "Do your math worksheet." or "Give your mom a hug and kiss." Just have fun with it!


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