I read a version of "The Lion and the Mouse," a well-known Aesop fable, to Norah this morning from The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book. The story was a regular part of our Sonlight-P4/5 schedule. After we finished, I asked Norah to narrate it back to me. Narration isn't part of our lessons, officially, but it is something I want to start adding here and there.

As Norah re-told the story, I scribbled everything she said down onto notebook paper. And, while Norah was drawing a picture about the story with markers and crayons, I went back and copied her words onto a sheet of lined paper.

You can read Norah's version of "The Lion and the Mouse" by double clicking on the photo below to enlarge it and then clicking on it one last time to see it up close.


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