Norah has been doing twenty minutes of free reading everyday.

Usually right after we eat breakfast or lunch, I tell her it's time and she grabs a library book off the shelf and gets comfy on the couch.

I set the digital timer and place it somewhere within her reach, but also at a distance, so she's not distracted by it. When time is up, the timer beeps and she knows how to turn it off herself.


Donnie Evans II said…
I hope I was able to get your family the books you were looking for, finally... This is the fun part in life: Reading. "Fun reading" should go down in the books as the best "Win/Win" a person can have. I love it. And one of the best parts about this is I get to indulge my love of shopping! Of course, I should actually go to the gym and indulge my love of swimming instead! That's pretty funny, don't you think, Veronica? Thanks for sending the list and for all the yummy food receipes on the Boulden Blog that Mom and Dad and Me eat... and eat. Literally, that's almost the only thing I look forward to on your blog... I don't read it for the photos or family memories. LOL.

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