Dwayne's reading the book EntreLeadeship by Dave Ramsey. In it, Ramsey suggests making goals for all the main areas of your life (so that your goals aren't too one sided and you become a more well-rounded person.)

Dwayne suggested we make goals in all these areas for the coming year. I was already thinking about my New Year Resolutions, so now, I am just placing my goals in the correct categories and concentrating on balancing all of the areas well.

Dwayne and I are also discussing some of the goals, particularly the "familial" goals, since they might require us to help one another in order to accomplish them.

Here is the list of life areas Ramsey suggests making goals for and the goals I have under them as of right now. As I think about this throughout the next month or two, these may change and I may add some more to them.

Goals for 2012-2013

Career- Master Sue Patrick's Workbox System, adapt it and implement it in my homeschooling. Finish ten sewing projects by the year's end.

Financial- Get the weekly circular and plan meals around the deals. Save receipts and track spending.

Spiritual- Read The Secrets of a Prayer Warrior.

Physical- Cut out all artificial sweetener. Recover from this baby well enough to run/walk a 5K by the end of the year.

Intellectual- Read The Well Educated Mind.

Familial- Start sending cards to family members for all birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I'll probably start paying for a monthly membership on Send Out Cards so I can manage this better.

Read out loud as a family after dinner. Finish all the Little House books by the year's end, at least.

Social- Go to at least one home school event or host/co-host an event every month.


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