On a previous post, I took pictures of the girls playing in the first few inches of a snow storm a few days before Halloween. Actually, the weight of that same snow combined with the leaves still on the trees ended up being so devastating that it took down many power lines around the state and we went without any power from Saturday night through Tuesday afternoon. (I didn't have working internet during that time but my blog was still posting things because I had written and saved them several days ahead of time.)

Many friends and neighbors and businesses are still without power so we are very fortunate to have ours up and running again. We spent most of our powerless days in front of the fireplace in the front room for warmth. Everywhere else in the house was freezing. We enjoyed a lot of family time since we were totally dependent on one another for entertainment. My camera's battery was charged so I managed to take photos even though almost every other piece of technology was useless to me at the time. Here are a few photos to help tell the cold, cold story.


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