We had heard people talking, but we weren't totally sure until we found the mayor's official announcement in the newspaper online: Waterbury has moved Halloween to tonight. (It was canceled on Oct. 31 due to the big snow storm that took out most of the city's power, including ours.) So I have been finishing the girl's costumes this morning.

I was going to cut this old, brown shirt and sew it to make it into a genuine cape, but Dwayne talked me out of it. With a brown shirt and pants and boots, he's right when he says this will pass for Yoda's cape as it is.

I also finished attaching the yarn braids to Norah's ear muffs.

And instead of making a separate belt, we saved serious time and effort by attaching the silver-gray patches directly to the skirts elastic. And we did this in a matter of seconds with crazy glue. So the girls are ready for tonight, basically. I'll take more pictures when they are all dressed up and ready to go and if I can, I'll post them before we all go to bed.


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