We've been making a big batch of little pancakes from scratch, then letting them cool, freezing them and then toasting them every morning for the girls' breakfasts. These pancakes thaw as they toast and by the time they pop up, they are hot enough to be smeared with butter and covered in syrup, almost as if they just came off the griddle. (I've tasted them and they aren't that different than fresh pancakes.)

This has been pretty easy for me to do every day, mostly because I already know what I am going to make the girls and I don't have to give them choices and then wait for them to choose between two or three things.

And the girls love them. They eat them all right up. (Before, the girls would only finish half of some of the other breakfasts I was making them and just leave the rest untouched.)

Pancakes this way are also a much cheaper (not to mention hot) breakfast option than several of the other options out there.

And, with the same meal every morning (or almost every morning), I think I've found a way to keep the cost of at least one of our meals really, really consistent. I think that keeping costs consistent will help me stay on budget (since I won't need to pay for so many different groceries to provide so many variety of choices) and I am very pleased with that.


Deltra said…
What a great idea!

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