We started our chapter on the skeletal system in science. The first project was to build a clay man with and without toothpicks to demonstrate how our bones support us. This was a really interesting demonstration and I suggest doing it with your kids when you study bones.

Without the toothpicks, the clay man just fell over. But, this picture shows how well he stood with the toothpicks inside his frame. You can see a toothpick in the man's neck if you look closely.

Note: I decided to stick with Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology this year. It's very, very advanced, but I have decided to really shorten the lessons and this seems to make in manageable enough. It's going to take us a really long time to get through each chapter, so it will, naturally, take us even longer to work through the entire book. (I am guessing it might even take two school years!) But all in all, I don't think I will find a program that I like better, so we're sticking with it.


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