Dwayne got me a serger for Christmas. But he didn't wait until Christmas to give it to me because I have several projects I plan to make before then and this way, I can use my serger on them.

I took me several hours to learn how to thread the serger. I had to watch the how-to videos ten times or more! But, once it was threaded correctly, using it was pretty simple. It's similar to using a sewing machine.

I spent the afternoon making another dress for Avril using a pattern I was really familiar with so I could concentrate on learning to use the serger. I was amazed at how quickly the side seams came together and how neat they turned out.

I told Dwayne that sewing with a serger is like chopping vegetables with really nice kitchen knives. (Dwayne bought me a set of knives a few Christmases ago and after I used them, I was not sure how I ever did without them... ) Well, that's how I feel about my serger. It makes sewing at least ten times more enjoyable than it was before. Dwayne always gives the best gifts.