Goals for 2012-2013

As I make goals for 2012, I don't want to drop all the good habits I started building in 2011. So I am adding them to this list in order to keep them in front of me so I don't forget. I also want to add a footnote for my own sake that I will try and do all this, but with a new baby, a third child, I need to be gracious, realistic and flexible with my own expectations of myself. Okay. Here it goes:


Career- Master Sue Patrick's Workbox System, adapt it and implement it in Norah's homeschooling. Finish ten sewing projects by the year's end. Follow Fly Lady's daily routine.

Financial- Get the weekly circular and plan meals around the deals. Get into the habit of checking the cabinets and fridge weekly to ensure that I know what I already have and use it. Save receipts and track spending.

Spiritual- Keep reading the Bible in the morning. Listen to worship music while cleaning. Spend an hour in God's presence every evening after the kids go to bed.

Physical- Cut out all artificial sweetener. Recover from this baby well enough to run/walk a 5K by the end of the year. Serve fruit and/or vegetables for a snack and at at least two meals a day. No eating after dinner.

Intellectual- Read The Well Educated Mind. When Norah reads silently for school, sit and read silently, too, or use the time to read out loud to the younger kids.


For the extended family: Start sending cards to family members for all birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

For the kids: Read out loud as a family after dinner. Finish all the Little House books by the year's end, at least. Or, if we don't read, play a board game.

For Dwayne: Go to bed by 10pm. This will help Dwayne go to bed sooner, too.

Social- Go to at least one home school event or host/co-host an event every month. With a new baby, realistically speaking, I think I will be using The Jump Zone or the park at the end of our street for most of these "events."


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