Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese "Croutons"

These grilled cheese "croutons" floating in the soup force kids to scoop up some soup to get to them. Little by little, bite by bite, kids eat their soup this way. If I just served grilled cheese next to a bowl of soup, I don't know about your kids, but my kids would eat the grilled cheese and might not eat as much of their soup.

All the ingredients are pretty obvious. And two cans of soup (mixed with one can full of milk) is the right amount to feed my family of four and allows one or two of us to get a second helping of soup.

When the soup and sandwiches are done, (I decided I am not going to insult you by telling how to make canned soup and grilled cheese), use a cutting board and pizza cutter to slice the grilled cheese sandwiches into little squares like you see below.

Note: You may want to make them even smaller than this for babies and toddlers. These were actually a little big for our two year old. I found myself having to half them with the edge of her spoon after they were floating in her soup.

And don't forget to sprinkle a little garlic salt into your soup, but just a little, before you eat it. This is essential. It takes canned tomato soup from drab to fab.


I love this idea. It's great for big kids like me who doesn't want to eat her vegetable soup either. Lol

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