Essential Oil for Wellness

Using Essential for Wellness-

I had a sharp ache in my ear yesterday morning. This morning, I woke up with an sore throat and post nasal drip. 

First, I mixed two drops of purification with a carrier oil in my palm and rubbed this on my temples, on my neck under my ears, and on my chest and I took several deep breaths. 

Then I made myself a cup of hot tea with honey and turned on my diffuser next to me with a few drops of thieves oil in it. 

Letting the steam from the tea and the diffuser go into my nostrils, I just sat and relaxed, reading and listening to music.  

And I also drank tons of fresh water all morning. 

The mucus is starting to break up and my throat is much soothed already.

I feel remarkably fresh and clear headed compared to the way I would have felt if I had taken pills to cover the same symptoms. 


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