Jo wasn't selling any bows in Buffalo. She had to close her stand and she was feeling discouraged. To show their support, Zoe and Chloe started wearing bows more often.  They also encouraged Jo to open an Etsy shop called "Jo's Bows." That turned out to be a great idea.  Jo's online business is going really well. So well, in fact, that Chloe and Zoe secretly hope they can stop wearing their bows soon. 

Zoe is trying out some quiche recipes for her coffee shop, so she invited Jo over to try some.  Well, Jo sort of invited herself over.  Jo is starting to think it's great fun that she and Zoe match more than shirts and scarves now. They get tons of attention when they're together in public and Jo loves that, but Zoe is starting to see red... or brown or black... any color besides blond!  

Chloe and Josephina met at church.  Chloe invited her sledding and attached a pull-behind sled to hers.  But that's got "emergency room" written all over it.  Good thing these girls are made of tough stuff. 


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